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Messer Power Company


Forwarding company, international transport mediation.


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About our company

Messer Power Company was founded in 2007 as a transport company. In 2009 we expanded our activity as forwarding company and we started focusing on that.

We have a professional staff with a large experience in forwarding activities. Our purpose is to find solution where it seems impossible to find.

Our mainly destinations are Europe – Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece. All the members of our staff speak 2-3 foreign languages (English, French, Hungarian, Italian).

We load most of the cargo from Romania to Europe as export or import, or round-trips, as well as on EU communitarian system, complete loads or part loads. Because our company’s headquarters is in Arad, at the closest border with Hungary, we have many customers from the Hungarian border. We are specialized now for years in frigo transports (vegetables, fresh or frozen, meat), but also in general cargo, such as plastic, packaging materials or the heavy industry. Due to our long term cooperation with Hungarian customers, we can provide our transporters cargo through all the year for any type of truck.

We can also provide good services for transporters that work on EU communitarian system, for large and small trucks. We have developed good relationships on Italy-Germany-Italy and Austria-France-Benelux.

We have constantly increased our turnover every year. And we are very proud that we were able to keep our agenda of customers full and to increase our portfolio of transporters by offering everyone what they needed, good service, seriousness and a lot of passion.

We work by observing all TIR/CMR conventions. We have insurance for 1.500.000 EUR, which we can extend even more at customer request.

Our team can be at your service in the shortest time possible with offers, solutions and orders.

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S.C. Messer Power Company S.R.L.




 Romania, Arad, Str. Aurel Crisan Nr.7A (Centrul de Afaceri Maris)


Our purpose is to be at your service,

to find solutions even when it seems impossible!

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